Huntingdon College Welcomes Judson College Students Following School’s Closure

Huntingdon College president J. Cameron West said Tuesday that Huntingdon welcomes Judson College women to begin the transfer process to Huntingdon College. “Huntingdon was founded as a college for women, and we have a deep and long respect for the quality of the educational program at Judson College,” said West.


Senior vice president and dean of faculty Dr. Tom Perrin said the process for transfer consideration can begin immediately. “I invite Judson students to contact me directly,” said Perrin. “We will begin a rapid review process of students’ transcripts for transfer of credit consideration even before the student begins the admission process. If the student chooses to pursue admission after transcript review, we will develop a plan of study and expectation of degree completion for each student so that she can anticipate what courses she will take to complete her degree.” Perrin may be contacted at He asked that students indicate in their email their name, program of study, and any other pertinent information that would enhance consideration of the transcript.

A list of Huntingdon programs of study may be found at

Huntingdon College, founded in 1854, continues a legacy of faith, wisdom, and service through a liberal arts academic tradition grounded in the Judeo-Christian heritage of the United Methodist Church.

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