Montgomery City Councilors Hold Committee Meeting to Discuss the Uptick In Crime In Apartment Complexes

Members of the Montgomery City Council gathered along with the Montgomery Police Department and the Montgomery Fire and Rescue to learn more about the crime in apartment complexes and what landlords may or may not be doing to keep residents safe.

The crime rate in apartment complexes in the city of Montgomery have been on the rise, with some complexes having over 300 police response calls within the last 6 months. One of the major concerns is that a lot of these apartments do not have the proper security measures in place.

“The biggest thing is that some of these apartment complexes don’t have security don’t have cameras and we just want to make sure that they are making sure all citizens in Montgomery are safe.” Oronde Mitchell, District 6

One property manager says most of the problem does not come from the tenants.

“Its mostly outsiders people who don’t live on property, visitors, and visitors of the residents that come to the property, commit the crime then leave” – Markita Yates, Property Manager, The Oaks

There were 9 apartment complexes who’s property managers were invited to the meeting, only one attended. Councillor Mitchell concerned about how much these landlords care about their tenants. Since the majority did not show, the city council will be calling the remaining to a show cause hearing that will be mandatory.

The next step is to upgrade security measures at the complexes, most of which do not have the proper security staff patrolling the area nor do they have security cameras to catch the crimes being committed.

Councilor Mitchell says that if the remaining complexes do not comply with the city, they will be forced to take legal action this could include revoking city licenses from the landlords so that they cannot collect rent from their tenants.

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