Captains Bryan and Tonya Farrington Say Farewell To The Montgomery Area Salvation Army

The Farringtons who were both recently promoted from lieutenants to captains will now be leaving the River Region, but will continue their work for The Salvation Army. The duo will be leaving to serve at The Salvation Army in Atlanta, Georgia. They have been leaders in the Montgomery Area Salvation Army for the last three years making a huge impact on the community.

“The experience that we received here in Montgomery would take some years like 10 to 15 years to get and we got it in 3, and so its been a good, its been a good journey for us here,” said Capt. Tonya Farrington.

When they reflect on their journey they say they have no one to thank but God for all of the things they were able to accomplish.

“Trials came and God knows there were many, I didn’t feel like I was having to fight that battle. God told me what to do I followed his lead, I can’t lose,” said Capt. Bryan Farrington.

“So now we get to go to Atlanta for another season to be able to impact a different generation and so were excited about that but its our faith that got us here and its our faith that will sustain us,” said Capt. Tonya Farrington.

The couple will be heading to the school of officer training in Atlanta to educate future officers in The Salvation Army. They are grateful for all of the work that was done in the community and how everyone came together to serve the community.

“I applaud the heart of the people of Montgomery, you have been very welcoming and gracious serving with us and allowing us to serve you, ” said Capt. Bryan Farrington.

Patrick Aitken, who worked closely with the Farringtons and is a friend, says that he appreciates all that they have done in the community and that they will be missed.

“They walk the walk and talk the talk, they are the true examples of being the hands and feet of Christ they are the real deal, when i first met Bryan about three years ago with my outreach at river city church, he was so, he didn’t even hesitate he jumped right on board what can i do to assist you and assist with the homeless community,” said Patrick Aitken.

The Salvation Army in Montgomery will be under new leadership. Captain Damion Roberts and Major Tabitha Roberts are transferring to the River Region from Charlotte. They will be here as the Montgomery Salvation Army moves to a new location because of the new whitewater recreation center that is being built on Maxwell Boulevard.

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