On Your Side: Some Used Vehicles Now Cost More than Original Sticker Price


Used cars – (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Alabama News Network is On Your Side with news about crazy prices for used vehicles.

High demand and low supply have driven up used vehicle prices so much that many are now selling for more than their original sticker price when they were new.

The auto research firm Black Book found 73 models of 1- to-3-year-old vehicles with prices higher than the original sticker, even though they’re used.

It’s all because of factory shutdowns last year at the start of the coronavirus pandemic and a worldwide shortage of computer chips that have forced auto production cuts.

Black Book Senior Vice President of Data Science Alex Yurchenko says used vehicle prices are up 30% in the past year. He says the high prices will stay until the chip shortage ends, and that date is unknown.

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