Jesco Inc. Hosts Bid Process Seminar for Small and Minority Contractors

Jesco construction manager at risk hosted a bid process seminar earlier today, which gave the opportunity for local small and minority businesses to get information on how the biding process will take place for the Montgomery white water park construction. With the demolition of the land on Maxwell blvd for the upcoming white water park already taking place, the Jesco company along with city and county leaders are beginning the next phase of the project.

The bid process seminar was an informational meeting that invited local construction businesses to answer any and all questions about the upcoming bid.

“its a informational session, and we have had one before, but this crowd is really a big crowd and we have a lot of people we can talk to we have a lot of people that can do a lot of things and we want to make sure the minority gets a chance to get some of this money.” Elton Dean, County Commissioner

The focus of this bid is to ensure that minority and small business contractors get the opportunity to be apart of this large scale project.

The informational had such a large turn out and even featured a virtual call for those who couldn’t attend. The bid will potentially take place sometime in late July or early August.  The Jesco construction company is in the process of finalizing design plans before bidding can take place.

Billy Williams says he is excited for the Jesco company to be a part of another large scale project in the

City of Montgomery. The last major project the company was a part of is home to the Montgomery biscuits, the Riverwalk Stadium

“Many of our team members from Jesco have lived and worked in Montgomery all our careers, and we take a lot of pride in these type of projects, that we can share with our family and friends.” Billy Williams, Jesco Inc. VP

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