Pay It Forward: Stephen Smith of Selma

Pastor Stephen Smith has two churches, one in Selma and one in his home community of Pine Glen.
He was nominated for his many years of service and being a great role model.

For the past 40 years, Pastor Stephen Smith has been leading people in the Selma area.

“We have a community building. We have helped a lot of people get jobs for people in the community. The Lord had blessed me to work in my own community. There is nothing like doing things at home. If you were going abroad, you should do it at home. So we have a community association in this where I have lived in the Pine Glen communities in Selma, Alabama,” said Smith.

Wanda Brown grew up in Pastor Smith’s church. And she nominated him for this award.

“I feel he needed to be recognized because he does an amazing job. I’ve known him ever since I was a little kid and now he’s a great role model for my kids. So I wanted to just let him know we do appreciate the things he is doing in the community as well as the surrounding community,” said Brown.


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