Community Recognizes Peach Farmers In Annual Chilton County Peach Week

This week the Chilton County community is recognizing peach farmers in the annual Peach Festival for the role they play in the economy of Chilton County.

June marks some of the season’s best peaches. However, for what may be a fresh snack for many, is a years worth of hard work for Peach Park owner Mark Gray.

“Its everything for us,” Gray said. “I mean everything we do is focused around peaches.”

Gray says they have a very good crop this year because cold weather wasn’t too harsh. Peach Park is a family owned business. To them, this week is more than just showing off their best peaches. Its about interacting with the community and keeping the vision they’ve had for 35 years alive.

Gray’s father opened peach park in 1984. The park has continued to grow ever since.

“My dad was one that wanted to build on and do something new every year, and we try to keep that,” Gray said. “So its still growing.”

The peach ice cream, outdoor playground, fried pies and much more have made it a must stop for locals and travelers alike.

The park is thankful for customers who have supported them through the years.

“My whole family works really hard for this every year, and we just appreciate the customers who come and still stop with us,” Gray said.

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