What the Tech? Answers to Amazon Prime Days Delivery Questions

Amazon’s Prime Days 2021 has shattered its previous sales records. Although an official count will be released in a couple of days, marketing analysts predict the retail giant will sell nearly $12 billion in items.

If you took advantage of the deals you may have questions about your orders. Deliveries can be delayed.

If you pay the $120 for Amazon Prime, you are promised free 2-day shipping. But there’s a catch that could certainly come into play during Prime Days.

Amazon’s selling so many items, shipping delays can, and do happen. If you expect something to arrive in 2 days, check the order page, especially if it’s something you need right away.

Lightning deal items, particularly Amazon products have sold out which will add days or weeks to the delivery.

A Blink mini camera found on the front page of Amazon’s Prime Days website isn’t going to be delivered until July 6th at the earliest. That’s two weeks later than the promised 2 days.

What gives? According to Amazon’s delivery terms, the 2-day shipping clock doesn’t start until the item leaves the warehouse. In this case, the Blink camera sold out but more are arriving soon. You will still get the Prime Days price.

If you see the order will be delayed you’re better off choosing No-Rush shipping. It’ll arrive about the same time, plus you get a reward to spend on digital products such as a book, music or movie.

My no-rush order gave me $2 I can spend on a Jack Reacher novel. By the way, even though I chose No-Rush shipping, my order actually delivered to my door in 2 days. So you never know how quickly something will leave the warehouse.

Shoppers with itchy trigger fingers sometimes buy something only to have buyer’s remorse when it arrives. You can always ask for a refund. But look at the details. For many items, you’ll get a refund in your Amazon account.

But, you have to pay to ship it back. This does not apply to many Amazon items and items sold and shipped by Amazon.

If it’s shipped and sold by a third-party seller you’ll most likely have to pay to ship it back. You won’t have to give them a credit card for payment but rather the shipping cost will be deducted from the refund.

And don’t forget, you can use those Amazon boxes to help someone. Fill them up with anything around the house you don’t need, and download a shipping label from “GiveBackBox.com”.

Your donations go to Goodwill and other non-profits. They’re specifically asking for donations of Lego bricks that will be given to children.

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