What the Tech? Should You Store Your Driver’s License on Your iPhone?

Old fashioned wallets are a literal pain in the, you know what. Most guys know to drive comfortably they need to take the wallet out of their back pocket and put it in the glove box or console.

In the old days, men kept credit cards, cash, photos of the kids, business cards, and other things in a leather wallet. Think of how convenient (and comfortable) it would be to keep everything in a wallet on your phone.

Ladies would not have to carry a purse if they had their credit cards and driver’s license on their phones.

In the past couple of years, Apple has made a push to move everything in a purse or wallet onto an iPhone. The Apple Wallet app can store credit cards, discount cards, airplane boarding passes, and other things you might need at your fingertips.

Apple’s upcoming iOS 15 will allow you to store your driver’s license on your iPhone in the wallet app. Here’s how it will work: You’ll scan your driver’s license, similar to how you scan credit cards to store on your phone.

Apple says it’ll be securely stored in your apple wallet. It’ll be safe. Encrypted. The only way it will be visible is if you’re looking at the phone to unlock it for Face ID.

So even if a pickpocket stole your phone, they couldn’t access your driver’s license or credit cards. In that sense, It would be safer than keeping it in an actual wallet.

But there at least two reasons you should not store your license on your phone. Or at least two reasons you should keep the original laminated copy.

Even if it’s accepted by states, not every establishment will accept them. To purchase alcohol, for example, you may still be required to show a physical ID.

The second reason is if you have to provide your license to a police officer, you’ll need to give them your unlocked phone. If you’ve ever been pulled over, you know officers will take the license back to their car. If the phone is unlocked, anyone can open apps, see text messages, photos, mobile accounts. Anything else that’s stored on your phone.

Currently, only a few states allow digital IDs. But more are adding them as an acceptable form of identification. The feature will be available to all iPhone users this fall but you won’t have to do it.

Although it might be safer, no pick-pockets and Apple has some of the best security on the planet, it isn’t a good idea to store your driver’s license on the phone. It might make sense in some cases, but there are only a few circumstances it would actually be helpful.

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