Pay It Forward: Jerry Smith of Selma

Those who know him describe Jerry Smith as dependable, always on time, committed, and reliable.

Jerry Smith is a retired bus driver and now drives people like William Bowman and others who are visually impaired to their appointments and places they need to go.

“Well, one thing, being blind it’s hard for someone who is visually impaired to get out and do things like normal people. Like if I decide I wanted to go to the grocery store this morning, I couldn’t go out and get in the car on a motorcycle or bicycle and ride to a store and get what I want to get without careful planning and strategizing,” said Bowman.

That’s where Smith comes in. At least two days a week he comes to take Bowman where he needs to go.

“I’ve been driving for a long time. I’ve been driving buses since I was 16 and I’m 53 now. I’ve been driving for a long time. He said he needed someone to help drive him and take him places. I have no problem with it whenever I have free time,” said Smith.

But it’s not only Bowman he serves.

“He’s very involved in the community. He’s got a mother that he helps and takes her to the doctor appointments. He takes his uncle to the eye doctor and some other places. He takes other people in the community besides myself. He also has a wife that had a stroke a couple years ago, taking care of her as a caregiver as well,” said Bowman.

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