ALEA, Montgomery County D.A. Working to Keep People Safe over 4th of July Holiday

Staying safe this Holiday weekend. That’s the message state and local law enforcement officials are driving home as thousands of people get ready to hit the highways and waterways to enjoy the 4th of July. And, they tell us they’ll be on the lookout for anyone breaking the law.

Highways and waterways are extremely deadly this time of year, due to drivers being under the influence during holiday seasons. Carolyn Tyus was a victim of a drunk driving accident with her son in 2008. Unfortunately, her son did not survive the crash. Now, she’s an advocate for ‘Mother’s Against Drunk Driving.’  Out of all types of Holiday related accidents 20% of recreational boating fatalities in 2019 was attributed to alcohol impairment.

A safety campaign news conference was held Wednesday morning to warn the public of the dangers of operating a vehicle while under the influence.   Boaters who are planning to drink are instructed to have a designated driver while enjoying the Holiday weekend. Local law enforcement has zero tolerance for drunk driving and boating. ALEA’s marine patrol division will be out looking for boaters under the influence over the 4th of July weekend.

It’s not only alcohol that can impair judgement behind the wheel. Even illegal substances and prescription medication can cause accidents behind the wheel. Alcohol is still prohibited from minors and on boats that are operating in waterways in dry counties. The marine division has organized Operation Dry Water to reduce fatalities caused by intoxicated boating. Studies show every 50 minutes, a person is killed in a drunk driving incident that could have been prevented.

Every year, law enforcement sees countless lives ended because of an impaired driver. Officials want this Holiday season to be accident free. ALEA encourages everyone to be safe this Holiday weekend. Triple-A expects travel to be close to what it was in 2019, before the pandemic.

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