New Law Allows Alabamians to Hunt Hogs and Coyotes at Night

Alabama is making it easier to hunt two animals that often stir up all kinds of problems for landowners,
coyotes and feral hogs.

The state wildlife agency says a new law signed by Gov. Kay Ivey allows hunters who purchase a license to kill the animals at night.

Rick Pate Alabama Agriculture Commissioner hopes the move will help control populations.

“Its just another tool to try to push back against the explosion of the feral hogs and coyotes,” Pate said.

Coyotes have become more common in the Southeast in recent years. They’re known to prey on farm animals and kill white-tailed deer.

Hogs can tear up fields, crops, landscaping, and even pipelines.

“Neither one are indigenous to this area, so they don’t fit in to our natural balance here,” Pate said “They’re disturbing it.”

Until this month, such hunts at night were allowed only by special permit.

The animals are blamed for causing $50 million in property damage annually in the state. Officials hope this change will cut some costs.

“That’s just the economic impact, then you start trying to put a value on the wildlife, the erosion… just a tremendous environmental impact,” Pate said.

Along with trapping efforts being taken by the state, Pate hopes this new opportunity for hunters will make a change in helping all Alabama wildlife and agriculture.

“This is one tool. We got some other tools we’re trying and hopefully we can make a little dent in them.”

Over 300 permits have already been purchased. They are expecting up to 200,000.

To purchase a $15 permit visit

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