Residents in Tuskegee React to City Councilman Johnny Ford’s Actions Against the Confederate Monument

Ford addressed the incident in the Tuskegee town square. Ford says he’s willing to continue the fight to get the statue removed.
Since ford cut half way through one of the legs of the statue, it now makes the monument a hazard to the public, and could force the county to take it down.

“My people voted in a democratic process that they wanted this statue removed and so I’m simply acting I’ll be here for my people now I know how many people around here are free and they afraid of the Ku Klux Klan afraid of the attorney general afraid of whatever but I am not afraid because I stand for the people I fight for my community and I’m gonna continue to fight for my community” -Johnny Ford

Some people think that the statue needs to come down and that now is the time. They agree with the actions that Ford has taken and some even feel he should not be punished.

“you have to destroy in order to rebuild, so if that was the first step with taking the leg off I guess the whole statue got to go because now it is perfectly imperfect and can no longer stay in this time of change.” Oyela Bryant

While others agree that it could be taken down but that there are proper ways of doing things and the former mayor taking matters into his own hands, was not one.

“It should be left alone, and if he wanted to do something just go to the courts and do it, he knows better, he know how to do things, so you know that’s my opinion.” – Beatrice Renfroe

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