Restaurant Owners Are Hoping People Will Start Wanting to Work After Federal Unemployment Benefits End

“Help Wanted” — it’s a sign that you’ve probably seen outside many local restaurants and other businesses. Some have blamed pandemic unemployment benefits for giving people a reason to stay home and not get a job. Alabama ended that benefit last month, which had some restaurant owners hopeful that they’d see more people wanting to work.

Despite Alabamians no longer getting pandemic unemployment benefits from the federal government, some say people are still not making an effort to go back to work. This leaves local businesses struggling to maintain their quality of service and for some, even their regular schedules.

Restaurants have been affected the most with more people coming to eat but not enough people wanting to serve. This had tremendously impacted businesses like Dreamland BBQ which recently added an additional location on Vaughn road. Dreamland has had to close 2 days out of the week since they don’t have the staff to operate the full 7 days.

There is also a new restaurant opening up in Eastchase; Buffalo’s cafe. Both restaurant owners tell us that they don’t have enough staff to operate at full capacity. Buffalo’s was hoping to have a staff of over a hundred but they only have about 75 limiting the amount of people they can serve, All before they can even open their doors.


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