State to Try to Boost Alabama’s Sagging COVID-19 Vaccination Rate


Coronavirus 2021 – Alabama’s Path Forward

A state agency says it will work with private organizations to encourage more elderly and disabled people to get vaccines for COVID-19 in Alabama.

The Alabama Department of Senior Services says a new marketing campaign is aimed at overcoming vaccine hesitancy. It will work with private groups and use a telephone hotline to help people reach local services and make vaccination appointments.

The effort comes with COVID-19 on the rise in Alabama as the state’s inoculation rate trails the nation. Statistics showed that 252 people were being treated for COVID-19 in hospitals on Thursday compared to a low of 166 late last month.

Right now, 26 of Alabama 67 counties are considered at “very high risk” of COVID-19. Researchers at Georgetown University say part of Alabama, including Montgomery, is in one of five unvaccinated clusters that could affect the entire country if a COVID-19 variant emerges that is resistant to current vaccines.

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