Macon County Sheriff’s Office Looking to Hire More Employees

The pandemic has led many officers into larger cities for employment or have completely taken them out of the law enforcement career as a whole, and with people collecting money from unemployment the motivation to work has dissipated.

“It has definitely hurt the work force, you know and not only here, I see everybody looking for employees, you know i mean every aspect, and like i said even the jailers we need jailers, we need people over in dispatch we need deputies, and they have been hard to come by lately.”- Sheriff Brunson

Luckily Sheriff Brunson was able to find some additional help, even having one new deputy being sworn in Monday afternoon.

“I still kind of cant believe it, its still kind of overwhelming im just very grateful for everything for the support of my family and friends and definitely from the sheriff himself. and I will just you know do the best I can.” Husan Clark

Husan clark, who is now a deputy sheriff for the department says that it has always been a dream for him to go into law enforcement and that now it is a reality. He says he is more than ready to be a deputy and encourages others who may want to do the same to go ahead and pursue their dreams.

Sheriff Brunson is hopeful that now since the federal aid is no longer available people will once again look for employment and that they are more than welcome to come to the Macon county sheriff’s office.

“Were looking for trustworthy people, hard working people, people that can be part of the community, you know were looking for loyal people. It just takes a special person to fill this position, not only do you have to be mentally stable, but you have to be physically fit to do this job.”- Sheriff Brunson

If you are seeking employment in the Macon County Sheriff’s office Contact Sheriff Brunson at (334)- 727-2500

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