Successful Mentorships Happening Through The Montgomery Basketball League

The Montgomery Basketball League has been a success, Oronde Mitchell and other community leaders teamed up with the midtown YMCA to implement a program for young boys that not only allows them to play a sport, but receive one on one mentorship from members of the community.

The basketball league consists of multiple teams broken up IN groups ages 13-15 and 16-18. The overall goal is to give these kids the opportunity to learn and play a sport as well as receiving mentorship from coaches and others to help lead them to a positive direction in life.

The league held a draft so that players could be introduced to new coaches and even teammates… Each team being named after professional NBA teams like the Lakers, the suns, the 76ers and more.

Officials say this is a good way to connect with the youth, bring the community together and provide these kids with some friendly competition.

To get updates on the game schedules click here.

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