The Typical Summer Pattern Continues

TODAY: A large mass of rain and storms is located throughout west Alabama. Temperatures are now struggling to reach the 80s in areas where the rain has fallen. Models indicate that this mass of storms will begin to weaken and dissipate throughout the evening hours. Expect lows temperatures to be in the low to mid 70s.

TONIGHT: Headed out tonight? The rain and storms will begin to dissipate after sunset, as they simply will not have the strength to maintain structure. Tonight will feature mostly cloudy skies, but the potential for a stray shower or two is not off the table. Temperatures will gradually fall into the low 70s across most of the area.

WAKE UP WEATHER: A mostly cloudy start will headline Sunday morning. A passing shower in our northern counties cannot be ruled out, but the morning will stay relatively clear, rain and storm wise.

SUNDAY: Sunday will feature a similar story to Saturday, presenting a mostly cloudy start with rain and storms throughout the afternoon and evening hours. High temperatures will be hovering in the upper 80s, and lows once again in the low to mid 70s. Some storms could be on the stronger side, featuring heavy rain and frequent lightning, typical for any summer thunderstorm.

START OF THE WORK WEEK: Monday will be more of the same in terms of weather. However, a front will slowly begin to move its way southward, once again bringing a healthy chance for rain, but well below average temperatures are expected throughout the week. We will remain in the upper 80s for the majority of the week.

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