Montgomery Farmers Losing Crops from Relentless Rain

Farmers are battling Mother Nature to keep their crops alive but they have a long summer ahead of them.

There has been a lot of rain this month which most people agree is great for their plants and yards. But, local farmers are suffering from the copious amount of rain on their farms.

The Sweet Creak Farm Market in Pike Road is one of the many local farms with dying crops. Crops sitting in puddles of water causes them to rot and be unable to form roots in the soil. Replanting all of their destroyed crops is ruining their businesses and delaying time for them to be harvested in season.

Farmer and State Representative of Alabama, Reed Ingram had this to say on the matter: “We have water standing in our fields so we can’t go back and replant. If it stopped raining now it would probably be 8 to 10 days before we can even get to the fields to replant and then its too late because probably what’s gonna happen is we go to all that effort to replant and then we’re not gonna have any rain and we don’t do a whole lot of irrigation, a lot of ours is just depends on God’s grace of watering them.”

Veteran Farmers, like Reed Ingram, say this is the worst summer they have ever seen in all their years in the business. The recent storms have also caused trees and power lines to fall down onto the crops, inflicting even more damage to these small town farms. They are hoping the rains stops soon so that they can work on damage control on their farms.

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