Tuskegee Confederate Statue Considered A Hazard

Its been almost two weeks since Tuskegee City Councilman Johnny Ford attempted to cut down a confederate statue that sits in the downtown square, and now there are concerns the statue may be unsafe to continue standing as is.

The statue was placed in the middle of Tuskegee in 1906 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

It is seen by many as controversial. After the attempt to saw the statue, it may now be taken down. However, not because on controversy but safety concerns.

Ford and another unidentified man were not able to saw the statue down but they were able to do damage before being halted by Macon County sheriff’s deputies.

Now Tuskegee Mayor Lawrence Haygood is concerned the statue is a hazard.

“We don’t want anybody on the square right now,” Haygood said. “No activities on the square until we resolve this issue because we don’t want to take a chance of someone getting hurt.”

The city received two structural analysis that both determined the statue unsafe. The mayor believes this is a serious matter, and action needs to be taken before somebody is hurt.

“Just like the situation in Florida, you can’t ignore a report that says you’ve got an unsafe condition,” Haygood said. “Its our responsibility to do something about it.”

However, the statue is Macon County’s property.  The city sent a letter to the Macon County Commission letting them know of the reports that the statue is now structurally unsafe.

The county will meet Thursday to come up with a response.

“We just want to work with the county as much as possible,” Haygood said. “We’re hoping that they will come up with a plan to do something about it, otherwise the city will have to look at its options because we can’t have an unsafe facility in the middle of our city and in our city square.”

The city will also meet on Thursday to discuss the issue. The downtown square will stay closed until the issue is resolved.


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