Montgomery Police Department Shares Concerns With Providing Security to Nighttime Establishments

The Montgomery Police Department is having issues with providing security to local nighttime establishments. The city’s Interim Police Chief shared the concerns with the city leaders at Tuesday night’s council meeting. Councilman Pruitt proposed a moratorium that was voted down 7 to 1 with Councilman Lyons abstaining.

Officers in the Montgomery Police Department have concerns about providing security to the night time establishments…. One reason is because insurance does not cover anything that may happen to them or others while they are working.

“There are concerns, about their safety and the moral dilemma that it puts them in because of some of the activity that’s going on.” -Mayor Reed

Some nighttime establishments rely on police presence they say that it helps with the behaviors of their patrons. Other businesses say that they are working to find alternatives such as providing private security but also controlling the environment so ensure safety and fun for all. The city is working directly with law enforcement and the local business owners to find a way to resolve the issue without using strictly MPD resources.

“Right now Chief Harris does not believe that police officers should work inside night time establishments and we will continue to go with her decision on this. As we work to build a safer night time environment for everyone that is involved.” -Mayor Reed

The city council is considering increasing the wage from 30 dollars to 55 dollars an hour, but officers say no amount of money will provide them with incentive.

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