ADPH: Virtually All of Alabama at “Very High Risk” of COVID-19


COVID-19 Risk Indicator Map – From: Alabama Department of Public Health

The latest update of the Alabama Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 risk indicator map shows that 59 of Alabama’s 67 counties are now considered at “very high risk.”

Since the beginning of July, the risk indicator map has increasingly become more red as more counties have been added to the very high risk category. At the end of June, it was six counties, then as the weeks passed, it became 21, 26, then 46.

In our area, only Bullock and Perry counties remain in the “low risk” category.

Marengo County is listed as “high risk,” one step below the very high risk level.

ADPH says calculations for each county’s risk of COVID-19 spread is based on number of new cases each day.

As has been reported, Alabama has lagged behind most other states in the number of people receiving COVID-19 vaccines.

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