Less Rain, But More Heat This Weekend

It was a hot and humid Friday afternoon with scattered to numerous showers and storms about our area. Montgomery and the river region received rain early in the afternoon, but it didn’t take long for sunshine to return. Montgomery’s temperatures fell to 75° at 2PM, but rebounded to 85° at 4PM. Rain-free locations were in the low to mid 90s during the late afternoon. However, the heat index was in the 100-105° range in those spots.

Showers and storms gradually wind down in coverage and intensity Friday evening. However, an isolated heavy downpour remains possible through around 9PM. Rain comes to a close by midnight, and the rest of the night looks partly cloudy with lows in the mid 70s.

The rain chance is lower Saturday and especially Sunday afternoon. However, it isn’t zero. With less rain and more sun, the heat trends a touch higher. Expect highs in the low 90s with a few mid 90s in the mix Saturday. Most locations reach the mid 90s Sunday. However, it feels hotter both afternoons, with peak heat index readings between 100° and 105°.

The rain chance stays low while the heat and humidity remain high next Monday. Rain chances increase slightly for the rest of the week, but no particular looks like a washout with rather routine scattered daytime showers and storms. Expect high temperatures in the low to mid 90s each day for the rest of next week. However, keep in mind that the heat index peaks higher than that each afternoon. Those values reach the low 100s at least with relative ease.

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