Tuskegee Closes The Downtown Square Around Confederate Statue

After councilman johnny ford tried to cut down the statue a few weeks ago, officials have been trying to decide on what to do about the statue their main concern being the safety of the public. The city council in Tuskegee held a special meeting Thursday to discuss what the next move will be for the town square and the statue.

“So right now that’s, we have closed the square off to any public activities or to any individuals until further notice, and we will have further notice once we have assessed and determined whether the statue is actually safe to be on the square.”- Mayor Haygood

The area is now completely blocked off by police caution tape and the city is awaiting decisions from t

he county on what they can do next.

Louis Maxwell chairman of the Macon county Commission says that the problem is more than the statue, they first have to determine if they have the legal right to take action.

“We expect within a short period of time to get this matter before a judge and get a court approved jurisdiction to make a decision to resolve that and once the decision to resolve about the actual ownership of the square, then of course the county will announce its next move.” – Maxwell

The main problem being that the daughters of the confederacy may still own the land that the statue is placed and if that is still the case, that makes the square private land not owned by the county. Until the county can provide proof that the square is publicly owned. they can not make any decision on whether to remove the statue or leave it.

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