What the Tech? App of the Day: Slide Show Maker

When you’re scrolling through a friend’s feed on Facebook or Instagram have you ever run across a video montage of their kids or a vacation? Some are set to music, have graphics and text and, quite frankly, look as though it was done by a semi-professional.

If you’ve ever wondered how it can be done, the app SlideShow Maker might have been involved. This app for iOS devices makes it fairly easy to create shareable slideshows from photos and videos on your phone and in the cloud.

After opening the app it asked for permission to see all of the photos on my iPhone and in the iCloud. Once I gave it permission SlideShow Maker scanned the library and showed every photo and video I’d ever taken with my phone. I created a new project and got to work.

My son is running across the country this summer with a group of young adults to raise money for a cancer foundation. He’s sent dozens of photos that I’ve saved to my phone from his text messages. I imported all of those photos into the new SlideShow project.

The app takes those photos and puts them in either random order or by the date the image was taken. You can opt to arrange them yourself in any order that you prefer. I can add other elements such as music, graphics, text, stickers, gifs, and emoji on each photo or throughout the entire video.

Editing the video with stickers and emoji and gifs is the most difficult or time-consuming part of the editing process so if you want a more basic slide show you should skip forward.

As you are no doubt aware, different social media channels use photos of a certain size.

Facebook photos show up in their original format but Instagram uses a square image. If you’ve ever uploaded a photo you’ve taken to Instagram without going through the actual Instagram app to snap the photo you know how it works. Instagram images may be missing a critical part of the photo such as someone’s head.

SlideShow Maker asks you to select a size or aspect ratio of the slide show and you can choose Instagram to make it easier and more visually appealing to post it to your feed.

To add music you can choose from a fairly large selection of royalty-free clips in the SlideShow Maker app or use your own music that you have stored on your phone or in iTunes. I found once you select the music you will have to adjust where the music begins by moving a slider with your finger. It’s pretty intuitive so you’ll figure it out right away.

You’ll also want to adjust the speed that the photos and videos flip by on the screen. I uploaded about 25 photos and if I didn’t adjust the time, the video or slide show would have been over 3 minutes long. You can adjust the time of the entire project which speeds up the rate at which the photos move across the screen. If you can adjust speed for individual photos I didn’t find the setting.

SlideShow Maker also offers themes which are basically transitions between the photos and a few filters that go over the entire sequence.

In only about 5 minutes of using the app for the first time I completed a 1 minute slide show of my son’s journey along with transitions and music. I especially liked the fact that after adding a 10 second video to the slide show the music lowered just as the audio from the video began. I didn’t have to do anything. I figure another 30 minutes of adding graphics and text and the video would have been much more professional.

To use the app you must subscribe and it may be a little too expensive if you’re only making one or two videos. SlideShow Maker offers two subscriptions one for $3 a week and $25 for 12 months. There are free apps that do the same thing but add an overlay on the screen and a few other apps that cost money will create slide shows as well as a few other things.

Sharing the slide show is straight-forward too and you can send it to anyone over email or text, post to Facebook or Instagram or just save it to your phone.

SlideShow Maker does require a subscription which are currently $3 a week, or $25 for the year.

There is a free one-week trial that converts to $3 a week if you don’t cancel ahead of time. There are free apps to create videos and slide shows but few are as simple to use as this one. If you share a lot of photos and videos on social media, SlideShow Maker might be worth the subscription.

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