COVID-19 Cases in Alabama Surge as Vaccinations Slow

Much of Alabama is now considered "high-risk" for covid infections.

“This Delta variant, it’s clearly more infectious, well what if the next variant that occurs because we’ve not limited the amount of transmission becomes more lethal and more infections?”

Montgomery physician Dr. Brian Richardson is concerned with the trajectory of new coronavirus infections, and rightfully so.

In the past two weeks, 419 new coronavirus cases have been reported in Montgomery County.

Across Alabama, more than 14,000 cases have been reported in the last two weeks.

Even as the numbers grow, vaccination rates in Alabama remain the lowest in the nation.

Only about 1/3 of Alabama residents are fully vaccinated, that leaves millions of people for the Delta variant to target.

Robert Forrest and his wife work in the medical field, their entire family has been vaccinated.

“There’s a higher level of COVID popping up in the different regions based on people not getting vaccinated,” said Forrest.

New cases have risen nearly 50% across the nation, with all 50 states reporting an uptick in cases.

If the data is examined, it seems that July 4th was the turning point in the fight against coronavirus.

Alabama  remains dead last in vaccination rates, and loosened restrictions and reckless behavior is contributing to the rise in cases.

“People, whether they had been vaccinated or they weren’t vaccinated, they acted in a manner that shows that they believed the pandemic was over,” said Dr. Richardson.

Dr. Richardson says now is the time to act, if Alabama wants to avoid another surge in cases like we saw in 2020.

“Everybody was saying, man I can’t wait until we get our vaccine or develop herd immunity. Well we have the opportunity to have that right now, but it requires that you participate in it.”

Nearly 90% of new coronavirus cases are in unvaccinated persons.

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