Pay It Forward: Edna Savage of Selma


For the past nine years, Edna Savage has played a key role in the organization Save Kids of Incarcerated Parents, also known as SKIP, Inc.

She works with the Montgomery Area Food Bank coordinating food deliveries each week for families.
She also brings kids along to help serve with her.

“This week we went to a house and delivered some food and this lady said, ‘how did you know?’ And she started crying. She said she didn’t know where her next meal was coming from, and the kids really enjoy it. It’s a pleasure to serve people and not expect anything for it. It makes me feel good,” said Savage.

SKIP Executive Director Gloria Jean Williams nominated Savage for the award.

“She has been my right hand person with the food bank ministry and other things because she’s so talented like arts and crafts and doing a lot of things for me. She is irreplaceable. I can say that in front of her. Ms. Edna, you’re irreplaceable! I cannot do without you!” said Williams.

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