State Health Officer Speaks about Dramatic Rise in COVID-19 Cases in Alabama


Dr. Scott Harris speaking at an ADPH news conference on Tuesday, July 27, 2021 – Alabama News Network

State Health Officer is speaking about Alabama’s dramatic rise in COVID-19 cases during July. He held a news conference that was aired live on Alabama News Network this morning.

Harris says the number of hospitalizations is currently more than 900. That compares to 179 on July 3.

Harris says the vaccine is the best way to stop the spread of COVID-19. He says there are about 4.2 million Alabamians age 12 and up who are eligible to get the vaccine. About 45%, or 1.9 million have received one or more shot. He says about 37%, or 1.6 million, are fully vaccinated.

Harris says based on past experience, he expects the number of COVID-19 deaths to begin rising. He says in the past, the pattern has started with increased case numbers, then increased hospitalizations, then finally a rise in deaths.

He says the current outbreak is almost entirely due to the number of unvaccinated people.  He says almost all of the cases are due to unvaccinated people, and 95-99% of the hospitalizations.

Harris says there are currently 1,408 locations statewide to get a COVID-19 vaccine without the need of an appointment.

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