Eviction Moratorium Ends Saturday July 31st Across Alabama

Alabama is ending their eviction moratorium Saturday July 31st.

Due to the Pandemic, the CDC and Federal Government placed an eviction moratorium to stop landlords from evicting their tenants because of unpaid rent. The Pandemic caused businesses to close and unemployment to sky-rocket, which made residents unable to pay their rent. The stimulus checks from the Federal Government helped pay for a few months of rent and kept the peace between the landlords and tenants.

Now with people working again, the moratorium is being lifted and multiple people will be evicted from their homes. Most tenants were expecting this to happen and have already put their papers in order to go to court to prevent their eviction.

Montgomery County Sheriff Derrick Cunningham believes the eviction process will go smoothly since his office has been preparing for this for months. The Sheriff had this to add about the eviction process, “We’re, probably have 5 or 6 a week like now, but for the most part I don’t see that number really increasing that much because the same process is in place. The only thing now is that you’ll probably see more people being able to come down and file for people that were getting assistance to living in some of the housing so I just don’t see that number really just sky-rocketing.”

Sheriff Cunningham wants people to know that if you are being evicted, you can contact the rental assistance program to file for living assistance. And, to show up to court for your eviction process so that you can appeal your case to a judge. Also, remember that you can discuss with your landlord about your eviction and try to come to an agreement that is settled outside of court.

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