Alabama Crisis System of Care Will Soon Open in Montgomery

The River Region is welcoming a new facility to the area to help people get the right services for their mental health needs.

The Alabama Department of Mental Health and the Montgomery Area Mental Health Authority showed off the Alabama Crisis System of Care in action this morning. This center came about after many years of people with mental illnesses being admitted to hospitals, or even jail, and not getting the proper help they need.

Police officers and most hospitals are not equipped with the right mental health protocols to help these patients. This new facility will be able to provide the right services by trained professionals. The center also has an after-hours crisis mobile that makes house calls for emergency mental health episodes.

The executive director at the Montgomery Mental Health Authority, Donna Leslie, had this to say about the center, “They’re gonna receive care 24/7 where they can come in with whatever their behavior health crisis is. They’ll have trained professionals who will be able to talk to them and find out what’s going, they’ll have peer support specialists who will be right there at their side to help guide them through the process. We’re gonna make sure they get the right care whether or not it’s out-patient services, housing, if they need to be admitted, we’re gonna make sure we facilitate that in a way that gives them dignity and respect.”

The Crisis Center will be open for the public in December of this year.

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