What the Tech? App of the Day: Khan Academy Kids

Bummer! Summer’s almost over for kids across the country who’ll be back in the classroom soon.

Many parents will be sending their young children off to school for the first time and they may be wondering if they’re ready. It isn’t too late to get them better prepared.

Khan Academy is a popular educational app for students of all ages and now there is a Khan Academy Kids app for children 2-7 (though I think it’s best for kids 2-5, that’s just my opinion).

Backed by educators and graduate schools of education, Khan Academy is one of the most highly respected educational apps in any of the app stores. It isn’t out to make money (it’s totally free and there are no ads or in-app purchases).

Khan Academy is a non-profit focused on education and helping students in the classroom.

Parents will set up their accounts and characters for each child. Parents can be comfortable and confident that after handing their child the phone or tablet that they’ll be in good hands.

Animated characters speak to the children and guide them through thousands of activities including reading (the child can read the book or have one of the characters read it to them), coloring, matching games, counting, and videos. Kids can go at their own pace and mark each activity as complete to move on to another one.

Parents can also monitor their child’s progress and share the activities with teachers.

Khan Academy Kids is intended to give young children a head start for school and in fact, everything in the app aligns with the Head Start Framework and Common Core Standards.

The app can be found in Apple’s app store, the Google Play Store and on Amazon as it works on Amazon Fire Tablets which are great tablets for young children.

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