Montgomery District 4 Council Member Offering Incentive to Help Clean The Streets

District 4 Montgomery City Council member Audrey Graham says her idea to keep her district clean will pay off in more ways than one for the people she represents. That’s why she’s asking them to get their hands dirty. To help keep their neighborhoods litter free. When driving around District 4 its hard not to notice all the trash on the sides of the road, from garbage bags to clothes and even furniture that is thrown out and never picked up.

“people just roll down they window, toss it. Stop at a stop sign, toss it, driving down the street toss it. And that’s just one of them. another issue is that we have the dumping where people take sofas bedroom sets mattresses and just dump it on the side of the road in certain areas where they think no one is looking.” Audrey Graham

She also adds; “were working with the clean a half a mile bring a smile, that initiative i think is going to get the community involved, we get some people out we give them an incentive a little small stipend to get out and just pick up the trash off of the street and keep a half a mile clean i just think its going to bring a smile to people who ride in the city of Montgomery.”

All you need to do is sign up and pick a half mile stretch of road to clean and you can earn money for helping out. $50 a week making it $200 month for up to six months. Residents say they hope this will motivate the community to do better and stop littering to help keep district 4 clean.

“I think that it is wonderful i think it is a great idea, i think that it will also motivate people to want to keep it clean.” Lisa Pitchford

Click Here to sign up and for more information.

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