Public Hearings Scheduled Statewide on Upcoming Redistricting


State officials are seeking your input as the Alabama Legislature prepares to redraw district lines to reflect the results of the 2020 Census. Public hearings have been scheduled statewide for September for you to make your comments.

Every ten years, the Alabama Legislature redraws the lines for congressional, legislative and state school board districts. These lines reflect the results of the census.

The Alabama Legislature’s Joint Reapportionment Committee is conducting these public hearings. The federal Census Bureau will release redistricting data from the 2020 Census on August 16. That will show how many people live in a particular district. 

Federal and state laws require that all districts of  the same type – for example, all State Senate districts – have equal populations. The  purpose of redistricting is to correct for population shifts among districts in the 10 years  since the last federal census. As a result of redistricting, district boundaries may be changed. 

The hearings will start on September 1 and will end September 16. Hearings will be held in 27 counties, and  are located across the state so that a hearing is either in every country or in an adjacent  county.

In our area, hearings are scheduled in Montgomery, Selma, Troy, Greenville, Demopolis, Opelika, Clanton, Union Springs, Monroeville and Thomasville. See the schedule below for specific dates, times and locations.

Information gathered at the hearings will be posted on the Reapportionment Committee’s page, the Alabama Legislative website and will be made available for legislators to consider as they draw new district boundaries.

Attendance may be in person or virtually via Teams.  Information for attending a hearing via Teams will be published on the Committee’s website 24 hours before the hearing. For more information, contact the Reapportionment Committee at or (334) 261-0706. 

2021 Legislative Reapportionment Public Hearings Schedule

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