Pears’ Family Plans to Sue Elmore County Sheriff’s Office For Wrongful Death

The Pears family and their attorney held a press conference today to announce their plans to sue the Elmore county sheriff’s office. Andy and Mary Pears says their son did not have to die following an encounter with Elmore County Sheriff’s Deputies last month, and they want justice.

The deputies encountered Jonathan Pears while responding to a domestic dispute as his home. On July 28th the Elmore county sheriff’s office responded to a call about a domestic incident at the pears family home. Once deputies arrived on the scene they saw Jonathan pears coming outside of the home carrying a machete like knife.

“he walked outside, and I heard them yelling drop the F-ing knife get down get down and they said it maybe three times and I heard pop pop pop.” – Mary Pears

One of the officers shot pears 3 times in the torso killing him… now the family is planning to file a lawsuit against the sheriff’s office.

“I want justice for my son justice for Jonathan. he died underneath the flag I proudly fly in my yard in a veterans memorial.” Andy Pears

The parents say the initial call was to get medical help for their son who suffers from P-T-S-D from serving in the military. They say he was in distress and was not on his medication at the time of the event causing his erratic behavior. The family say their goal is not to win money but to get the proper justice and fight against officer involved killings.


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