Macon Co. Officials Divided Over “All Macon County Day”

Elected officials are at odds in Macon Co., some say it’s safe to move forward with the annual All Macon Day.

All Macon County day is an annual celebration that draws hundreds of people to Downtown Tuskegee.

Some officials don’t want the celebration to go on in lieu of rising coronavirus cases.

Others, say the event is a good opportunity to get more Macon Co. residents vaccinated.

“This activity attracts individuals from all over Macon County, so this is our opportunity in a collective form, to get people vaccinated, get them educated.” said Macon County Commission Chairman Louis Maxwell.

One commissioner in Macon Co. says having the event is a bad idea, even going as far as saying it would be a “super spreader.”

“The CDC says please avoid large gatherings. Having an event where people are around here singing, earring chicken and frying fish!? That’s not the way, its not, that just says super spreader of the virus.”

According to Tuskegee Mayor Tony Haygood, the town square where All Macon County day is held is closed until a decision is made on the Confederate Statue at the center of the square.

“The key is a resolution that says it’s safe to conduct any activities nd that’s what were look for as a city,” said Mayor Haygood.

The issue will be taken up at the next Macon County Commission meeting on Monday, August 16th.

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