What the Tech? Alarm Clock Apps to Get You and Your Children Out of Bed

Now that kids are either back in school or heading there soon, families are ditching the summer chill and getting back into the swing of things with routines.

That can be a challenge if you’re kids need to get up early enough to catch a school bus. If you haven’t had to drive the kids to school because they (you) overslept, these alarm clock apps are guaranteed to get them (or you) out of bed on time.

First, there’s Alarmy, billed as a “Motivational Alarm Clock”. It helps you, forces more like it, to get out of bed. When the alarm goes off, you have a few choices of how to turn it off. Complete squats, take steps, play a memory game, or complete math problems. no cheating is allowed and there’s no snooze button.

Mathe Alarm is similar. You’re forced to answer a series of math questions. You choose whether it’s 1, 2, or 10. Easy, medium, or hard questions.

It has a “don’t wake my spouse button” where you can silence the alarm for a few seconds.

They’ll kick you out of bed if you don’t wake up enough to answer the questions. There’s also something called “Bedtime Enforcer”. If your phone is moving after your bedtime, the app nags you until you go to bed.

Loud Alarm clock is just that. No tasks to complete, just maybe the loudest alarm clock you’ve ever heard. It’s free with ads.

For Android users, there’s “Walk Me Up alarm clock”. As the name suggests you’re forced to put your feet on the floor and walk around, taking enough steps to silence the alarm. It has an evil mode where there’s no snooze button.

These alarm clock apps are for people who absolutely have to get up by a certain time in the morning. They’re unforgiving which makes them successful. They’re apps you’ll love to hate.


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