What the Tech? Amazon to Pay You if Products Sold by Third Parties Cause Injury or Property Damage

When you buy something from Amazon, many times you’re not actually buying it from Amazon. About half of the products sold is from third-party sellers. And some of those products have caused major problems for the people buying them.

Hoverboards, a popular gift item a few years ago, started catching fire causing injury and property damage. A $1 million home was gutted when the family said the batteries in a hoverboard they purchased on Amazon, exploded.

And dozens of videos began appearing on YouTube of hoverboards catching fire either sitting on their own or as someone rode them. Most of those hoverboards were sold by third-party companies in China.

Amazon defended itself in lawsuits saying it isn’t responsible since the products were sold by a third party, but it started losing lawsuits. The Texas Supreme Court ruling Amazon was responsible for damages in another case.

This week, Amazon announced that starting September 1st, it will pay for property damage and personal injury claims caused by products sold by third-parties on its site. This is important as many Chinese companies don’t respond to customer complaints.

Here’s what you need to know and what you should remember in case it ever happens to you. Customers should contact Amazon customer service about the problem and any damages the products caused.

Amazon will contact the seller to address the claim.

If the seller doesn’t respond to Amazon, Amazon will bear the cost pursue the seller on its own. It’s important to know who you’re dealing with on Amazon.

Some cheaper options of products are often sold and shipped by third parties. So look for that information on the right-hand side of the screen. Then, check to see if that seller has a website and search for reviews of the company outside of the Amazon reviews.

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