Local Reaction as Tensions Flare in Tennessee over School Mask Mandate

Alabama News Network got reaction from parents in Montgomery over video of heated arguments at a school board meeting in Tennessee over a school mask mandate.

In Franklin, Tennessee, which is a suburb of Nashville, the Williamson County school board held a meeting to discuss face masks in schools. The meeting lasted more than four hours.

The board approved a mask requirement for elementary school students, staff and visitors inside all buildings and on buses to last through September 21.

Tensions flared both inside and outside the meeting. A deputy had to escort some people out of the meeting who were disrupting the board’s discussion with outbursts. In the parking not, masked parents who support the board’s decision were heckled and threatened. A sheriff’s deputy urged the crowd to be peaceful.

We showed the video to parents in Montgomery, who couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“…to see you act like that in anger, and just want to hurt people. It’s heart wrenching,” Selvin Harris said.

“It’s going to have to get to the point where law enforcement and all those people will have to step it up a notch,” Ronnie Durgin said.

“Your children are watching you. They copy what you do, not what you say,” Tara Church told us.

The Williamson County school board will be faced with another decision on face masks next month, unless it chooses to allow the current mandate to expire without taking further action.




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