Tallassee City Schools Talk Close Contact Plan as School Year Gets Underway

Alabama schools are starting a new school year while the battle against COVID continues.

Geneva County Schools have already had to send home 400 students who came into contact with individual(s) that tested positive for COVID.

As Tallassee City Schools prepare for their first day back on Wednesday, students and teachers are reminded to keep their distance from one another.

TCS requires all students and teacher to wear masks inside school property while maintaining a 3-foot distance. Using the same protocols that they had last year, Tallassee schools will be cleaned every day once the students and teachers leave the building.

If there is a positive case, the symptomatic staff or student will be sent home for 10 days. Parents of close contacts will be notified and told a 10 day monitoring period is recommended.

“Maintaining that 3 foot distance is imperative and in that setting we should be okay. We start school actually tomorrow,” said Superintendent Dr. Brock Nolin. “We’re continuing our protocols from last year with our fogging of buildings at night, we’re cleaning our buses, we’ll make sure that all of our surfaces are wiped down and so all the protocols that were established last year, we’re continuing this year.”

While in quarantine, students will not fall behind in their classes since Tallassee is a one to one school district, which provides all students with Apple IPads for online learning. They also have started using Google Classroom to help students learn better while not in school.

Children younger than 12 years old are still unable to get the vaccine, but are encouraged to come back to school for face-to-face learning.

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