What the Tech? App of the Day: Neighbor

Airbnb made us comfortable with renting someone’s house while they’re away. It made some of us okay with renting out our primary residence to strangers.

It also opened the door for other rental apps that connect regular people needing something, with people willing to rent it to them.

Neighbor is a smartphone app and website that some call the “Airbnb of storage space”.

Let’s say you’ve got a trailer or a boat but there isn’t enough room in the driveway. Or your college-aged kid returns home with a couch, chair, bed, tables, and dishes and no place to put them. Neighbor allows you to search for someone in your local area who has the room and is willing to store your items for a price.

I found a 20×10 foot parking space at a business that I can rent for $20 a month. I also found a 100×250′ empty lot big enough to store a boat and trailer for $750 a month.

To connect to one of those owners you’d just need to create an account with the Neighbor app, tell the owner what you want to store there and for how long. The host can then respond and you’re both good to go.

There are also garages, basements, attics, and spare bedrooms people are willing to rent out so that complete strangers can store their stuff.

How safe is it?

Neighbor provides liability protection to the host of up to $1,000,000 and protects items for the renters up to $25,000 provided the items qualify. Renters are not covered if the items are collectibles, cash, jewelry, or art. Items cannot be stolen, illegal or dangerous.

In the descriptions, hosts list times and frequency for when the owners can have access to their belongings.

All payments and contracts are done through the Neighbor app. Neighbor makes its money by charging renters a service fee.

Hosts and Neighbor offer renters a discount on the first month of about 50% off and after that, the price goes up considerably. The empty lot for $750 for the first month is $1,500 for each month after that so it can get pretty expensive.


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