Local Business Owners Flourish Despite Starting In Midst of Pandemic

The pandemic has put a halt to many businesses around the River Region, even decades long businesses.

For two local business owners, their businesses have thrived in the pandemic. For Keiauna White, owner of The BeYoutiful Boutiques, opening her new store in December of 2020, actually helped her business.

“While [my previous store] was on Dexter Avenue,” said White, “I would often say if I could just get down a little further, the traffic is further, the tourism is further down.”

White says she’s been able to adapt to business in the pandemic due to curbside pickup and online sales.

For Tiffany Thornton, owner of The Pretty Fox Boutique, says she was going to start her business in August of 2020 despite the pandemic.

“I didn’t want to waste any more time,” said Thornton, “So I said ‘hey I’m going to move forward regardless, and that’s what I did, I continued on with the work.”

The Pretty Fox Boutique is based online, but Thornton says that’s been the best way to promote her new business.

“During the pandemic, so I utilized social media, like I said, I did live events on Facebook live, I utilized other platforms just to get my name out there, and people were just buying left and right.”

For more information on The Pretty Fox Boutique, visit here.

For more information on The BeYoutiful Boutiques, visit here.

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