Governor Ivey Helps Kick Off AFA “Lucy Tour” in Lowndes Co.

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The Alabama Forestry Association “Lucy Tour” is geared to encourage students to read — as well as — educate them about the importance of the forestry industry.

Jackson Steele Elementary School in White Hall — was the first stop on the fall tour.

Governor Kay Ivey was on hand — to read the book “Lucy Meets a Logger” to a group of first graders.

Wal Afalucy Fox Pkg“It was such an honor to have Governor Ivey here with us to read with our 1st graders,” said Principal Audra Stinson.

“It’s always a pleasure to have visitors, but to have the governor here promoting reading was an exceptional opportunity.”

The book was written by AFA Workforce Development Coordinator — Stephanie Fuller — a 4th generation forestry professional.

“”Lucy Meets a Logger” came to be from my experience growing up in the woods watching my dad in his profession,” said Fuller.

The students learned about the forestry products industry during the tour.

They also learned how important the industry is — to the state of Alabama.

“Being that we’re in a rural area, several of our children do have relatives who are loggers, even into the farming,” said Stinson.

“The timber forestry industry is the number two in the state,” he said.

“It affects a lot of jobs — between the mills, foresters, loggers. It’s a big part of what Alabama is.”

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