6th Annual ‘Stuff the Truck’ Food Drive at the Sturbridge Winn-Dixie

Saturday, August 28, marked the 6th annual ‘Stuff the Truck’ food drive.

Tie & Doll, Inc. has teamed up again with Alabama News Network and Winn-Dixie to do something about Alabama’s student hunger issue within the Montgomery Public School System.

All food donations were being received at the Sturbridge Winn-Dixie from 10 to 2. All food collected during the food drive will be stuffed into backpacks to be handed out to students who come from food insecure homes.

The Board President for Tie & Doll, Charles Williams, had this to say about the community donating food to hungry children:

“Each gives what each has is a great philosophy to live by. So, ya know, we all give something extra so that those that are struggling or just don’t have it, ya know, it’s not their fault as to why, the rhyme or reason, but hey there’s a need and we make a way to fill it.”

This year’s food donations will be provided for students at Jeff Davis High School.

All of us at Alabama News Network, Tie & Doll, Inc. and Winn-Dixie want to thank all of you who donated food and money. The exact amount is still be calculated, but it appears donations were up from last year. Thank you!

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