Elmore County Schools: COVID-19 Cases Show Slight Increase

Elmore County School Supt. Richard Dennis has released new COVID-19 numbers for the school system. This week’s figures show a slight increase from last week.

Dennis says 254 students and 26 employees have tested positive over the past week. That compares to 244 students and 23 employees the week before.

Wetumpka High School had shifted to a virtual platform due to the number of employee absences
and unfilled substitute positions which compromised the operation of the school.

Dennis says extracurricular activities will continue for all schools unless COVID numbers and other
illnesses require the activity to be postponed. He says the school system will continue to work to keep schools open to provide in-person instruction and as many of the regular programs and activities as possible.

“To do this we need your help,” Dennis said in a posting to parents. “If your child has symptoms, please keep your child at home. This is especially important for the elementary schools where masks are not required and whole classes are impacted.”


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