Evacuees from Hurricane Ida Are Thankful to Alabama News Network Viewers for Helping Them

Hurricane Ida brought many evacuees to Central Alabama from New Orleans. One family found themselves in Prattville, where they stayed in a hotel for days. Unfortunately, their money started running out, and text messages they received from the city of New Orleans said it was too soon for them to return home, even though the storm had long since passed.

So the Darby family — 16 members in all — turned to Alabama News Network for help. After our story on their situation, we received many calls and messages from viewers wanting to know how they could help.

“It was a total shock how fast things started happening,” family member Leah June said. “By the time we made it upstairs, it was a matter of 5 or 10 minutes, and the phone was ringing, and it just never stopped.”

“People from all over, everywhere started contacting us, some of them was calling the hotel, some were calling the news station, and I mean the love that everyone showed was overwhelming,” family member Leishon Darby said.

The family received funds for more nights in the hotel, plus food and clothes. They want to pass along their thanks that their prayers were answered.

They’ve been told that their home in New Orleans had its windows blown out and the fence blown down, but they will still be forever grateful to the people of Central Alabama for helping them when they needed it the most.


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