Greek Orthodox Church Has 73rd Annual Labor Day Barbecue

The Greek orthodox church held their annual labor day barbecue giving out traditional Greek food to the community including camp stew, pit-smoked Boston butts and their delicious Greek pastries. The event has been so successful that they have been able to have this barbecue for 73 years. The Greek community has been sponsoring this event since 1948. The pastor says that even though the event is much different then before COVID-19  it is a continued success.

Greek Bbq

Greek Orthodox Church 73rd Annual Barbecue and Pastry Sale

“Glory to god that we have such you know wonderful people in the city of Montgomery who remember us and love this event and are willing to come out early and wait in line for this barbecue.” -Father Paul Lundberg

The church sold around 1,300 items including just under 300 Boston Butts and 600 quarts of Camp Stew. The cooked and wrapped Boston butts are $35 each, through ticketed pre-orders. Camp stew is sold in quarts for $14. Pastries are available in a sampler box ($25) or a Baklava box ($15).

“Its humbling to see how a community goes from generation to generation and these traditions get passed on and I’m very grateful to be apart of it now.”


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