Millbrook Residents Concerned Over Consistent Flooding Around Their Homes

On Monday, parts of Millbrook got up to four inches of rain leaving many yards flooded and causing some resident to wonder whether enough is being done to stop flooding.

Millbrook resident Justin Ellis said every time there is a downpour, his house on Pineleaf Drive gets surrounded by water. He wants the issue resolved by the city but said the only response he has gotten is to move.

“If it was just us, I wouldn’t deal with it,” Ellis said. “The problem is everyone has a moat around their house.”

However, Millbrook Mayor Al Kelley believes they are doing everything they can to combat the issue.

“If you get a big rain like that then that’s one of the areas that is going to go under water, but it always drains out very quickly,” Mayor Kelley said.

He said the pipes are cleaned out regularly, and that Ellis’s area is the first that is checked when there is flooding. He blames the flooding on the weeds, beaver dams, and swamp that sit behind the houses. The area is private property and can’t be cleaned up by the city.

“The water goes down in no time” Kelley said. “I can’t help that it rises because somebody didn’t clean out their creek.”

But Ellis just wants some kind of resolution to make heavy rains more bearable.

“I shouldn’t have to be stuck in the house, and you’re telling me to move,” Ellis said. “There should be a bridge or something.”

The mayor said they have looked into putting in bigger pipes, but their engineer said it would be a waste of money because the water has no where to go. He also said the Alabama Power truck that flipped over in the Pineleaf Drive area was not related to Monday’s flooding.

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