Tallassee Business Provides Lunch for Hospital Staff

In Tallassee, a young business owner showed her appreciation to healthcare workers by providing free lunches.

Healthcare workers have been feeling the stress of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Many facilities are understaffed, and workers put in long hours.

Sometimes it can be a thankless job, but when someone shows their gratitude to healthcare workers it can cheer up an entire staff.

“It just gives us something a little bit different instead of the same old thing they have to do everyday, because they’ve all had a tough time.” said Vickie Spivey of Tallassee Community Hospital.

28 year old Kacie Mackey released that, and wanted to do something to show gratitude to healthcare workers.

On Wednesday, her business Tallassee Nutrition provided 190 lunches from Chik-fil-A and Chicken Salad Chick for the staff of Tallassee Community Hospital.

“We just really wanted to love and appreciation for the local healthcare workers. We wanted to give back to the individuals that have given so much to this community, especially during these hard times.” says Mackey.

This isn’t the first time healthcare workers have been provided lunch in Elmore and Tallapoosa County.

Kacie was inspired by her step father, and the work his employer Mortgage Pro did earlier this year to feed healthcare workers.

In August they fed 510 employees at Russell Medical Center in Alex City, then on September 1, they fed 140 employees at Lake Martin Community Hospital.

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