What the Tech? App of the Day: Down Dog

Yoga is good for the mind and good for the body. The downside to a yoga routine or workout is the same with any workout: it can get monotonous.

After playing a series of YouTube videos on yoga or using a yoga program on DVD or an app, listening to the instructor over and over again can be a bit boring.

Down Dog is a yoga app that creates routines that are different every time you use it.

Opening the app for the first time you’re shown options to select the voice of the instructor, music you’ll hear and the type of yoga you want to practice. There are lots of options to choose from.

You can select a yoga routine with an emphasis on meditation or stretches or a more traditional routine. You can also select a routine or poses that target a specific body part such as glutes, hamstrings, back or legs.

Down Dog says it has over 60,000 configurations so that you’ll never hear the instructor say the same thing in the same order.

If you’re a beginner, DownDog creates a yoga routine that’s easier to do. People who’ve done yoga for years will also find routines they find challenging.

Down Dog works well on iPhones and Android devices but I found it’s even better on a larger screen such as an iPad. You can also mirror your phone screen to a television using Google Chromecast or Apple AirPlay.

If you’re going to a studio or gym though, DownDog’s HD display works just fine on smaller screens and earbuds.

It supports Google Fit and Apple Health so your sessions can be saved and added to those apps.

The app is free for a 15-minute session. To unlock all of the workouts or routines, you’ll need a subscription that’s either $7.99 a month or $49.99 a year.


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