ADPH Responded to President Biden’s New COVID Strategy Plan

President Biden announced a new plan to combat COVID-19 and many Alabama Officials have varying opinions on the decision.

Thursday September 9th, President Biden announced that all businesses with more than 100 employees are required to be vaccinated or tested weekly for the virus. An executive order will be signed to require all employees of the Executive Branch and contractors who do business with the federalScreen Shot 2021 08 20 At 34406 Pm 1 government to be vaccinated. Governor Kay Ivey responded to the President’s announcement stating it as an outrageous demand to the American people.

However, with the rising COVID cases in Alabama, State Health Official Dr. Scott Harris, just wants people to get vaccinated: “Our goal is we want everybody vaccinated as quickly as possible. It’s the best possible way to get out of this. We’re still studying what that means for our agency, ya know, we have federal contractors who do, ya know, health care facility inspections, for example. We have home health agency that works in public health, so we’re not quite sure what that means for us, we’re still trying to figure that out.”

A total of 53 COVID related deaths in Alabama were reported Friday September 10th.

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